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Maytham Al-Salman: NIHR’s Latest Statements are “Human Rights Suicidal Move”

2017-02-01 - 9:16 p

Bahrain Mirror: Sheikh Maytham Al-Salman, Head of Religious Freedom Unit in the Bahrain Human Rights Observatory (BHRO), described the latest statements of National Institute for Human Rights (NIHR) as "blatant human rights suicidal move".

Al-Salman said "if the NIHR statements that legislate death penalty, justify opening fire at peaceful protestors in Diraz and claim the maintenance of human rights in Bahrain are true, this is considered human rights suicidal move."

He indicated that if the aim behind establishing the NIHR lacks the good will for human rights reform, the NIHR will change into a bureaucratic and formal entity. Al-Salman indicated that although the government is keen to support and promote the institute on the local and international levels, NIHR imposes security and administrative siege on the human rights institutions and defenders."

Sheikh Al-Salman highlighted that the local and international human rights organizations have the right to submit periodic reports to the Sub-Committee on Accreditation (SCA) about the national institution's performance, explaining that the SCA received detailed reports in 2016 about NIHR's lack of transparency and independence and non-compliance with the Paris Principles.

He said that the guidelines assigned by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights stipulate "ensuring financial integrity through regular public financial reports and independent reviews and regular audits," wandering at the same time "has the NIHR published its financial reports and mentioned its funding party?"

Sheikh Maytham Al-Salman concluded stressing that the NIHR did not take action when ratifying several legal amendments that violate human rights. It did not also reserve the legislations that are incompatible with International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, highlighting that it should take public action when human rights violations are committed.

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