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Families of 3 Martyrs Hold King Accountable for Sons’ Blood, Confirms Popular Movement to Continue

2017-01-25 - 1:24 am

Bahrain Mirror: The families of the three martyrs (Sami Mushaima, Abbas al-Samie, and Ali Al-Singace) held Bahrain's king Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa fully responsible for the execution of their sons, in a statement (Friday January 20, 2017).

The families stressed on the innocence of their sons accused of killing three foreign police officers, adding that the family of Emirati officer, Traiq al-Shihi, who was killed in clashes with protesters in March 2014, is aware that the 3 executed young men are innocent. However, it insisted on implementing the death sentence.

The three young opposition activists were executed on Sunday January 15, 2017, by shotgun, after a politicized trial that based its ruling on confessions extracted from the defendants under torture.

Moreover, the families confirmed that their sons' will stressed they continue demanding their rights and sacrificing themselves for the sake of dignity, reiterating that their demands are for the entire Bahraini people, the Sunnis and Shiites.

The statement issued by the martyrs' families began by saying, "Praise be to Allah, the only one who is Praised for any Calamity. In Him we Trust, and On him we Depend, We Entrust our Affair to Allah, Surely Allah Sees his Worshippers, Allah is Sufficient for us, and he is the best Protector, Surely we are Allah's and to Him we Shall Surely Return."

The families thanked the Bahraini people, and all those who extended their condolences, among them clerics, politicians, and countries, especially those who made great effort in order to prevent the crime of executing their 3 sons from happening.

Furthermore, the families describe the execution of their sons as "returning to the era of revenge and ignorance" and ending the era of the "State". They indicated that the rulers of the Emirates are also partners in this crime, stressing, "The ghost of injustice in the slain innocent blood will haunt you in life and afterlife, and Allah is the best of Judges".

In addition, the statement clarified that after executing the 3 martyrs, the Bahraini regime practiced the art of revenge and vengeance against their families, through denying them right to decide the time and place for the martyr's burials and memorials, and denying the majority of their relatives and participants to access the cemetery and take part in the commemoration events and gathering.

The detained brothers of the martyrs were also denied right to take part in the funeral processions, burial, and commemorations, despite their lawyers providing a temporary release request. Moreover, the martyrs families were subjected to humiliating inspections before entering the cemetery, and psychological torture by security men, who gloated over the loss of the families and congratulated each other. The family also noted that some policewomen applauded with joy, using sectarian statements full of revenge.

The statement also said that the authorities had arrested Mounir Mushaima, Sami Mushaima's brother, for crying over his brother, and referred his case to the Public Prosecution.

The 3 martyrs' families called on the Bahraini people to be "vigilant of this dangerous conspiracy which targets the national structure", further thanking the Sunnis who expressed their condolences on the loss of their sons.

The families concluded their statement saying, "They who act unjustly shall know to what final place of turning they shall turn back."

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