Preacher Assigned by Regime Recounts Last Hour of Martyrs before Execution: They laughed at Death

2017-01-24 - 5:28 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): How was the last scene before Abbas Al-Samie, Sami Mushaima and Ali Al-Singace took their final steps in this world towards the next.

How difficult was it for the three torture victims and political prisoners to know the exact time of their deaths; to realize that they will be forever parted from their loved ones, they shall never see the light of day outside these prison walls and will never have the chance to live a better life in freedom.

The information in this article are based on the statements of the person whom the authorities assigned as a preacher to meet with the prisoners on death row pursuant to execution procedures, "Sheikh Ahmad Al-Mokhawdar". The following will reveal what the preacher told them and what their reactions were when they realized that they will be executed within moments. How were they during their last moments awaiting death, and what were their final words?

That cleric tells one of the relatives of martyr Abbas Al-Samie: "I was with them yesterday." Abbas's relative replies in confusion: "With whom?" "With the three detainees who were executed," Al-Mokhawdar says. Many questions were asked: How? Why? What did you see and hear? What did they say? How did they react when they knew they were going to be executed? How was their execution?

Al-Mokhawdar recounts: "I received a phone call from the Interior Ministry. It was 12 am Sunday. They took me to meet with the three prisoners held at Jaw Central Prison. I arrived there at 3 am. They took me into a room where I met prisoners Sami Mushaima, Abbas Al-Samie and Ali Al-Singace. I was required to inform them that they will be executed and request that they write their wills or whatever they wanted before their execution is carried out." Al-Mokhawdar; however, claims that he did attend the execution and says that others did.

The martyr's relative asks: "What was their reaction after receiving the news of their imminent execution?" Al-Mokhawdar's eyes widen, he shakes his head in shock, and says: "They laughed." He then paused for a moment and added: "Can you believe that?! They laughed. They all received the news cheerfully. The youngman (Ali) was cheerful as well."

"What else?", the relative further asks. "I asked them why are you laughing? I asked Abbas why he was laughing, and so he replied: ‘This is an honor to us. This is our joy. We laugh because this is what we want.'"

"I asked Sami Mushaima: Are you married? He answered: No. I asked Abbas Al-Samie: Are you married?. He said to me: No, I am not married, but tomorrow I will be and the people of Bahrain will celebrate me." The Sheikh; however, did not say that he asked Ali Al-Singace whether he was married or not. He perhaps realized how young he was.

The Sheikh further states: "I asked them to write their wills. Abbas Al-Samie and Ali Al-Singace wrote their wills, but Sami Mushaima couldn't write his. I told him he could orally recite his will to me, so he said: ‘My will is these words: Allah (Alone) is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs.'" The families of the three martyrs haven't received these wills yet, as they are still in the Interior Ministry's possession.

The Interior Ministry assigned Sheikh Al-Mokhawdar to the task of performing the prayers upon the martyrs' bodies at the Al-Mahooz cemetery, after the security forces had cordoned it off. That; however, did not take place, since the father of martyr Ali Al-Singace refused to let Sheikh Al-Mokhawdar to perform the prayers.

This is how the three martyrs met their ends. They did not beg anyone and did not send a call to the King of Bahrain urging him to reverse the decision- the King who still has not had the courage to publish the decree he signed approving the execution. They fearlessly accepted their fate and embraced the freedom they saw they would only achieve through martyrdom.


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