3-Year Prison Verdict Against Defendant Accused of Planting Fake Bomb in Sitra

2017-01-07 - 11:10 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Fifth High Criminal Court ruled a 3-year prison verdict against an underage defendant (17 years old), in a case linked to planting a fake bomb in the Bahraini town of Sitra.

The Public Prosecution claimed the defendant, along with others, placed fake bombs for terror purposes. The charges said that by his actions, the defendant triggered fear among people, as the fake bomb was placed in the town's market roundabout. The fake bomb was reported to the competent apparatuses. Investigations then led to accusing the defendant of committing the crime.

The incident's criminal report proved that the DNA sample from the crime scene matches that of the defendant.

Human rights organizations challenge the charges raised against political detainees, since they doubt the independence of the judiciary, whose members are assigned by royal decrees, and since it issues sentences based on confessions extracted under duress and evidence presented by secret investigations and anonymous witnesses.

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