Appeals Court: Police Officer Sentenced to 3 Year in Prison for Accepting Bribe from Jaw Prison Inmate

2017-01-05 - 5:55 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Supreme Court of Appeal upheld the 3-year imprisonment sentence against a police officer, and a prisoner, and a 200 Dinar fine to be paid by the officer, after he was accused of accepting a bribe from an inmate in Jaw Prison. The inmate promised he would work on relocating the officer in another department in the Interior Ministry, in exchange for allowing the entrance of unpermitted material to prison like phones and Viagra, with the help of his inmate brother.

The Public Prosecution accused the first defendant (the police officer), that in February 2015, accepted a personal bribe from an inmate who promised to relocate him in a position in the Interior Ministry, in exchange for allowing phones and unpermitted material to enter prison, while the second defendant (the inmate) was serving his sentence.

For his part, the police officer had confessed to meeting with the inmate, who also promised him to pull some strains and get his family from his country of origin, and grant him a house and a car. All this would be in exchange for contacting the inmate's brother, the third defendant, from whom he would take things to deliver back to the first inmate inside prison.

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