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Saudi Ministry of Interior Uncovers ISIS-Linked Cell Planning to Target Football Stadium in Jeddah

2016-10-31 - 4:28 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Saudi Ministry of Interior announced on Sunday that it uncovered a terrorist cell in Shaqraa that has links with "ISIS" and foiled a terrorist threat that targeted the Jewel (Al-Jowharah) stadium in Jeddah. The ministry also arrested 9 perpetrators in terrorist crimes.

Spokesman of the Ministry of Interior said in a statement that "they brought down a four-member terrorist cell, taking Shaqraa province as base of its activities and focusing on security men as their targets and with its

He added "Information indicated that a terrorist threat is imminent targeting Jewel (Al-Jowharah) football stadium in Jeddah province to be executed using a bomb car to be stationed at the parking lot surrounding the playground as a football match between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The security authorities dealt with the matter with utmost alert and seriousness, enforcing more reinforcements and measures at the site and decisively dealing with any suspicion."

"At the same time, they doubled their field efforts searching the suspects, crowning it with identifying their identities and arresting them," he further stated. The spokesman revealed that the arrested were 2 Pakistanis, a Syrian and Sudanese.

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