Bahrain Court Adjourns Religious Reciter Habib Al-Dirazi's Trial until August 30 over Protest Charges

2016-08-24 - 1:24 am

Bahrain Mirror: A Bahraini court held the first hearing of detained Shiite religious reciter Mullah Habib Al-Dirazi's trial on Monday (August 22, 2016), and decided to adjourn the trial until August 30, while Al-Dirazi remains in custody.

The authorities raised against the religious reciter charges of "illegal assembly" over his participation in the ongoing open sit-in held outside Bahrain's Shia spiritual leader Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim, since June 20 in protest of stripping Sheikh Isa of his nationality.

It is noteworthy that the authorities summoned Al-Dirazi on August 7, 2016, and decided to detain him to later refer him to prosecution, while the prosecution decided on August 9 to detain him for 15 days pending investigation.

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