Court Renews Detention of Employee in Ministry of Interior over Embezzlement

2016-08-18 - 10:41 p

Bahrain Mirror: The high criminal court renewed the detention of a defendant working in the Ministry of Interior for 15 days pending investigation over embezzlement.

The directorate of the Anti-corruption unit received a notice from the Directorate of Discipline and Preventive Security that there are some transgressions in a garage linked to the special security forces and that the defendant has made use of his job in the garage to make some business transactions with a Bahraini company that sells industrial and commercial equipment.

Carrying out the investigations, it was revealed that the defendant evaluated the alternative companies for a Turkish  spare parts one and chose the most expensive and unspecialized Bahraini company. The defendant contacted the Bahraini company and told them about the security forces' desire to import spare parts for the armored vehicles, however, he led them to an Indian company.

It was also revealed that the Indian company is a fake and owned by his father-in-law and that the other company is owned by his brother-in-law. The suspect stated that he made only one transaction with the Bahraini company to get spare parts for the armored vehicles: Radiator, AC Compressor, Tyre C, Tyre Wolf and others.  The directorate of the Anti-corruption unit addressed the Arab and International Police (Interpol) about the Indian company and it was unveiled that it is a 

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