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US Ambassador for International Religious Freedom Concerned by Assembly Charge against Sheikh Al-Salman & Dr. Al-Dirazi

2016-08-17 - 5:09 p

Bahrain Mirror: David Saperstein, Ambassador for International Religious Freedom, expressed concern by illegal gathering charge against Sheikh Maytham Al-Salman and Dr. Taha Al-Dirazi.

"I am concerned by illegal gathering charges against religious freedom advocate Maytham Al-Salman and human rights defender Taha Al-Dirazi in Bahrain," said Saperstein on his personal Twitter account.

The prosecution questioned on Monday (August 15, 2016) Sheikh Maytham Al-Salman, Dr. Taha Al-Dirazi, preacher Hani Basira and reciter Ali Aman and accused them of assembly. The prosecution released Al-Salman and arrested the 3 others for 15 days pending investigations.



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