Appeals Court Upholds 3-Year Jail Term against 4 Suspects over Hoax Bomb in Sitra

2016-08-05 - 9:16 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini high court of appeals upheld a court of first instance's verdict against 4 appellants. The court had sentenced them to 3 years in prison over planting hoax explosive in Sitra.

The court convicted the suspects because on September 11, 2014, they planted a hoax explosive for terrorist aim.

The authorities claim that they received a notice from the Criminal Investigation Department stating that three suspects and others manufactured a hoax explosive and put it near one of the Banks in Sitra, aiming at intimidating citizens and residents. The first and fourth suspects were arrested and they confessed committing the crime. The security authorities also found "Blackberry" phone, wires, duct tape and plastic pipe.

The fourth suspect confessed that in September 2014 and while heading to house of the third suspect, he saw the third suspect along with the first one manufacturing a hoax bomb. He also said that he helped the other suspects and then went to Barada, adding that he received a phone call from the third suspect stating that they planted the hoax bomb near a bank in Sitra.

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