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Bahrain King Appoints New Torture-Linked Deputy Interior Minister & Head of “National Security”

2016-08-05 - 7:35 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa issued two decrees, the first stating the appointment of Adel al-Fadel as Deputy Interior Minister. Al-Fadel had served as head of "National Security Apparatus" since November 2011 before the King appointed him in 2013 as State Minister of Interior Affairs.

Human Rights organizations accuse al-Fadel of involvement in human rights violations, and the Bahrain Center for Human Rights has called for bringing him to justice, and holding him accountable for broad torture operations.

By virtue of the said decree, al-Fadel is the "second most authorized person in the structure of the Interior Ministry, and therefore he plays the role of acting Minister in case the latter was away, and he also represents the Ministry outside Bahrain."

The second decree issued by the King stipulated the appointment of Talal bin Mohammad bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, as Head of the "National Security Apparatus".

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