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"Wa'ad" Criticizes Sheikh Qassim's Trial, Denounces Interfering in Sectarian Privacies

2016-07-28 - 2:35 am

Bahrain Mirror: The National Democratic Action Society "Wa'ad" called upon the Bahraini authorities to take on its national responsibility, in order to preserve civil peace and social stability in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It also urged them not to take steps that might destabilize the situation, in dealing with Sheikh Isa Qassim's case.

The Society stressed that the island country is in dire need at the moment for national unity and solidarity in the face of regional challenges; including ethnic and sectarian wars, which are conducted by terrorist organizations led by the so-called "Islamic State".

Wa'ad said that a figure like Sheikh Isa Qassim does not need to be defined, since he had participated in the development of the constitution in 1973, as he was an elected member of the Constituent Assembly in 1972. He was also a member of the National Council, which was brought by the Constitution, but was dissolved by the regime in the summer of 1975. After that, Bahrain entered a dim era for more than 25 years, until a political and security truce was arranged with King Hamad bin Issa Al Khalifa, the society added.

Wa'ad pointed out that the decision to revoke Sheikh Qassim's nationality and bringing him to trial, is a decision tainted by many legal flaws, disregarding evidence, and therefore attracts criticism.

The National Democratic Action Society further stressed on the necessity to respect human rights as stated by the international conventions, particularly the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It noted that the intervention in religious and sectarian privacies or directing them according to political directions, is a kind of prejudice against religious freedom, and contradicts with international laws linked to freedom of religious practice.

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