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Trial of Sheikh Isa Qassim Adjourned Until August 14 to Re-Notify Defendants about Date for Next Session

2016-07-27 - 7:35 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's High Criminal Court presided over by judge Abdullah Al-Ashraf  postponed the trial of  Sheikh Isa Qassim and two others to August 14 to re-notify them about the new date for the next court session.

"The Criminal Court today (July 27, 2016) postponed the trial of three people, including a religious figure, charged with illegal fund-raising and money laundering, to August 14," Attorney General Haroun Al Zayani said.

He further stated "None of the defendants was present at the public trial today even though they were all duly informed about the hearing. The court delayed that to adjourn the session until August 14 to re-notify the defendants about the new date for the next court session."

It is to mention that the authorities are trying Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim for receiving Khums (alms), an obligatory ritual practiced by the Shia. Authorities accuse him of receiving money without an authorization.

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