SIU Acquits Two Policemen on Charges of Assaulting Prisoners

2016-05-01 - 10:34 p

Bahrain Mirror:  Bahrain's Special Investigation Unit (SIU) Deputy Chief Mohammed Khalid Al-Hazaa said that the Second Minor Criminal Court acquitted on Thursday (April 28, 2016) two Public Security staff of charges of assaulting the bodily integrity of others.

The Reformation and Rehabilitation Directorate notified the unit on November 19, 2015 about an alleged assault against inmates practiced by a number of policemen. Based on the report, two SIU members promptly headed to the directorate and listened to the complainants' statements. A forensic doctor was assigned to examine the inmates and report any injuries they might have sustained. The SIU questioned the suspected policemen and remanded two of them in prison pending investigation before referring them to the court that acquitted them of all charges.

The unit is studying the rationale behind the acquittal  and will decide whether to challenge the court;s ruling.

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