Jail Sentences Between 3 to 15 Years Issued against 4 Suspects Accused of Resisting Policemen & Arms Possession

2016-04-24 - 2:47 am

Bahrain Mirror: Advocate General, Acting Attorney General to the Terror Crime Prosecution, Hamad Al-Buainain, announced that the fifth criminal court issued its verdict on Thursday, April 21, 2016 against four suspects accused of "resisting policemen responsible for implementing the provisions of the law in terms of the protection of society from terrorist acts while on duty, acquiring arms and ammunition for a terrorist purpose, assaulting the bodily integrity of others, entering the home of another without their consent, threatening with a firearm and public defamation". The court sentenced the first suspect to 15 years in prison, the second to 5 years and the third and fourth suspects to one year and ordered them to pay 670 BD for the damages.

The authorities claim that on March 21, 2013, the policemen headed to the Marine Club in Manama to arrest the first and second suspects who are wanted over other terrorist cases. They allege that the two suspects were with a number of friends, so they all used violence to confront the policemen to prevent them from performing their duties. "The first suspect had a firearm and ammunition; he fired several bullets at the policemen and insulted them. He also attacked a pedestrian, entered an apartment and fired bullets inside it destroying some of its contents. He was arrested there while in possession of a firearm."

The prosecution relied on the evidence in the testimonies of the witnesses and confessions of the suspect as well as the medical and technical reports. Thus, the suspects were referred to the supreme criminal court which held several hearings in the presence of the suspects their lawyers, whom it allowed to present pleas. According to the prosecution, the court also provided all the legal guarantees for the suspects.  

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