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Salman Al Khalifa Says he Ran for FIFA President to Heed Football Community Calls

2015-10-28 - 7:55 p

Bahrain Mirror: The President of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and Vice President of the International Football Federation (FIFA) Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa announced on Monday (October 26, 2015) that he submitted an official application to run for FIFA presidency in the elections set to be held at the extraordinary meeting of the federation's General Assembly in Zurich, Switzerland, on February 26.

Salman said in an official statement that his decision to run for FIFA presidency was made to heed calls of the international football community.

The Guardian had reported that human rights organisations have reacted furiously, "resurrecting claims that Sheikh Salman was involved in identifying athletes involved in pro-democracy demonstrations in 2011, some of whom were then allegedly imprisoned and tortured."

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