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BFHR: Only 18% Shiite Representation in New Cabinet Composition

2015-10-02 - 1:10 am

Bahrain Mirror: The media manager of Bahrain Forum for Human Rights (BFHR), Baqer Darwish, said that the Bahraini authorities are still exercising the ethnic and sectarian discrimination policy against the indigenous Shiites, as their representation was 0% in the sovereign ministries and 18.18% in the service ministries, whereas the Sunni representation reached 77.27% in the new cabinet composition.

"The ruling family represented 40.9% of the new cabinet and 18.18% of the sovereign ministries. However, the Sunni ministers reached 36.36% and 4.54% of the sovereign ministries, being represented only by the Minister of Defence," he added.

"These measures used in discrimination contradicts with a genuine constitutional text, i.e. article 18 of the Bahraini Constitution that stipulates that ‘People are equal in human dignity, and citizens shall be equal in public rights and duties before the law, without discrimination,' and article 16 (a) that stipulates that ‘Citizens are equal in the assumption of public posts,'" Darwish further stated.

He also saw that the new cabinet composition not only reflects the economic and political crisis that the country is witnessing, but also reveals how much the discrimination culture is embedded in government decisions that still do not believe in the principles of equal citizenship.

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