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Local Bahraini Newspaper: Smaller Cabinet Will Include Service Ministries

2015-09-21 - 11:25 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Ayam newspaper, owned by the Bahraini King's advisor Nabeel Al-Hamer, said "high-level calls and meetings were conducted on Friday (September 18, 2015) regarding the formation of a smaller cabinet to solve financial problems". The meetings were held between the government and an executive group assigned to put the last vision of forming the smaller cabinet.

The sources stressed that most of the ministries nominated for merging are related to services and that are linked to the citizens, in order to activate these ministries and reduce bureaucracy in the government's work. The next phase will witness a strong move towards opening the Kingdom to the economic world and attracting global investments, besides encouraging local projects and investments within the framework of increasing the gross national income.

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