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Iraqi Websites: Iraqi Football Player Zulfiqar Malik Beaten at Bahrain Int’l Airport

2015-09-02 - 1:44 am

Bahrain Mirror: Iraqi football player, Zulfiqar Malik, was beaten and insulted at Bahrain International Airport before the authorities sent him back to his country. "Arabi 21" website said that "football player Zulfiqar Malik left Iraq to join one of Bahrain's professional football clubs yet he was prevented from entering Bahrain and was beaten without knowing why.

Meanwhile, Bahraini authorities unveiled that they sent him back to Iraq without allowing him to take his luggage."

The Iraqi Al-Sumaria network reported that Malik said he was insulted and beaten by the Bahraini authorities in Bahrain International Airport, after he wanted to enter the country to join one of Bahrain's professional clubs," pointing out that "the Bahraini authorities sent a letter stressing that they did not welcome him."

"This made me call my manager and the Bahraini team waiting for my arrival, even the club's president was there too," Malik added, pointing out that he "wanted to be there in order to be the ambassador of Iraqi football by becoming a professional football player in Bahrain."

"I had to call the club again, but I was surprised that the club's president was at the airport and failed to do anything," Malik further stated. "The great surprise was when one of the employees told me that I must book a flight and return home, because the consequences of me staying in Bahrain are undesirable," he added.

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