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Coordinator-General of Lebanese Islamic Action Front: Sectarian Discrimination in Bahrain Reminds us of South Africa

2015-08-13 - 11:27 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Coordinator-General of the Islamic Action Front, Sheikh Zuhair Al-Ju'ayd, said that the increasing sectarian and ethnic discrimination in Bahrain reminds us of South Africa when ethnic discrimination was widespread there. He also praised the political maturity of the national opposition reflected by the "No to Hatred" document and that of the Olama Islamic Council on Islamic unity, in addition to the opposition's nationalist statements and political practices that underline the importance of Islamic and national unity and the necessity of providing social equality for all Bahrainis.

He added in a press release: "The discrimination exercised against Shiites, who are demanding democratic transition and the full citizenship rights of all Bahraini, has increased since 2014, as the Bahraini government managed to not adopt the standards of competence, eligibility, equality and the right to assume public posts in the three public authorities. This resulted in having less than 30% of Shiite representation in the executive authority and 0% in many security institutions. Besides, the Bahraini government has made serious changes in the electoral districts that are not based on equal distribution of electoral blocs according to the international principle: "One person, one vote."

"Bahrain is in need of real national reconciliation and a serious national dialogue. It should immediately implement the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) and Geneva recommendations to reach a political solution that leads to a contractual constitution guaranteeing that the people are the source of all authorities, by providing a real chance of participation in the political decision making in order to build the government in accordance with the principles of justice and equality among all citizens," Sheikh Al-Ju'ayd further stated.

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